ARARE gives you a special experience Welcom For a reasonable price you can become an Oiran (Japanese courtesan) in Kyoto.

It`s an fantastic experience! Hair set, Makeup, Oiran clothes, Professional photos taken in our studio. You will also be given some time to take your own photos with your phone. Print and share your photos however you would like!


Women’s plan

4,400yen ncluded in the plan are, clothes, makeup, hair set and time in the studio!

Couple’s plan

8,800yen Included in the plan are, clothes, makeup, hair set and time together in the studio!
  • Photo Data
    (Sent by Line)

    1photo 1500yen(including tax 1650yen)
    3photos 3000yen(including tax 3300yen)

  • Mini album

    3photos 5000yen(including tax 5500yen)

  • Fake Tattoo

    1000yen(including tax 1100yen)

  • Nail tips

    500yen(including tax 550yen)

  • Eyelashes

    1set 500yen(including tax 550yen)

  • Feather

    1 set 1000yen(including tax 1100yen)

  • Mage (Wig)

    3000yen(including tax 3300yen)


  • TORAGOZEN  - 虎御前 -

    TORAGOZEN - 虎御前 -

    Surrounded by cherry blossoms, this studio is recommended by anyone who likes the Japanese spring. With a fan or the Japanese kiseru (tabacco pipe) you can easily become an Oiran.

  • KOMURASAKI  - 小紫 -

    KOMURASAKI - 小紫 -

    Deep purple is the theme of this room. Perfect for those who would like to take mature & calm photos. Get your hair set up and join us in this studio for some extra classiness!

  • YUUGIRI  - 夕霧 -

    YUUGIRI - 夕霧 -

    A lively bright and warm room. Surrounded by autumn leaves you can get yourself some photos in a typical Japanese autumn.Warm your heart with the colors of autum.

  • SHION  - 紫苑 -

    SHION - 紫苑 -

    Wisteria flowers hang down beautifully and are impressive. The gradation of colors creates a gorgeous atmosphere.A photo shoot on the couch is sure to be a new one unlike any you've ever seen before!




Mon.-Fri.10:00-20:00 / Sat.-Sun. 9:00-20:00